The company Likoteh was founded in 1994., with its registered seat in Tivat.

Our company is specialized in construction of the new objects, reconstruction of the existing objects and reconstruction of the objects which are under the protection of the Institution for the Protection of the Cultural Monuments, swimming pools construction and landscaping.

We have built numerous residential buildings, residential and office buildings and office buildings in Boka Bay.

The way we do our business represents,at the same time, the advantage of Likoteh company:

- Fair partnership
- Full implementation of standards and regulations in the field of construction
- Good preparation and organization of work
- Quality qualification structure
- Performing quality service and installation of the latest building materials
- Work speed

We are specialized in "turnkey" projects for both foreign and local investors, meaning that besides the construction works, we perform all the nessesary craft works, independently, or in a cooperation. We are constructors, investors and co-investors. The company is in possession of all the documents necessary for the execution of the construction works under the laws of the Republic of Montenegro.